Photo by Greg Gorman 

Photo by Greg Gorman 

Learning how to constructively deal with failure is the most important step that you can take towards accomplishing your biggest goals. No matter who you are or what you have accomplished you have experienced failure in your life. So many times failure becomes a destructive force in a persons pursuit towards excellence. I became a world champion skier and NFL football player not by denying or becoming trapped by my failures but rather by embracing them and developing a formula to use those experiences to bring me closer to accomplishing my goals. 

We’ve all heard the cliché, "losing makes you stronger" but why and more importantly how do the most successful people deal with these educationally rich moments in their lives to make them stronger?

My athletic journey has been an accumulation of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I wrote this book to share the most important lessons that I have learned in hopes of helping others increase their chances of realizing their dreams. 

Fueled by Failure is not just the title of my book, it has become a way of life that I have fully embraced. 

- Jeremy Bloom