SETH LEVINE   - Managing Director at Foundry Group 

 SETH LEVINE - Managing Director at Foundry Group 

"Jeremy Bloom is one of the most compelling entrepreneurs I've ever worked with - actually, one of the most compelling individuals I've ever worked with. Always striving for the next goal, taking each setback as an opportunity to learn, surrounding himself with people he can learn from. Jeremy's never-give-up attitude is infectious and makes him extremely effective."

BILL MARIS  -   President & Managing Director at Google Ventures

BILL MARIS - President & Managing Director at Google Ventures

"I took Jeremy snowboarding for his first time. He went from terrible to excelling in a matter of hours. Part of it was natural talent, but part was that he didn’t fear failing. The rest was sheer tenacity. That embodies how Jeremy goes about learning new things and this book reflects it. He’s done the research—practical and theoretical— and delivers great guidance on staying the course to reach success."


                    SCOTT BLACKMUN   - US Olympic Committee CEO

                    SCOTT BLACKMUN - US Olympic Committee CEO

"Jeremy recounts his journey from athletics to entrepreneurship with humility, sharing the backstory behind his public defeats, and more importantly, revealing priceless lessons in competing for success. If you compete at anything—sports, business, or life—you need this book."

 TONY BATES -   Former CEO of Skype, President of GoPro

 TONY BATES - Former CEO of Skype, President of GoPro

"Jeremy has packed a lifetime of experience into 32 years. While he’s led an extraordinary life thus far, the ups and downs he’s experienced are something we can all connect with and learn from. His story is inspiring and the lessons he imparts are invigorating."


BING GORDON -   General Partner at Kleiner Perkins and Former Chief Product Officer at Electronic Arts

BING GORDON - General Partner at Kleiner Perkins and Former Chief Product Officer at Electronic Arts

"Jeremy is proof that mindset is everything. He brings together the best people and supercharges them with his unique energy. His Olympian work ethic and discipline works in the boardroom as well as it did on the ski slopes and football field. He will inspire you, too."


                     BRUCE DINES   - VP Ventures at Liberty Global

                     BRUCE DINES - VP Ventures at Liberty Global

Fear of success—however we define that—can hold us back as much as fear of failure.  In this book, Jeremy explores both of these psychological barriers, and in a humble and inspiring way, takes the reader step by step through a program for overcoming these barriers and moving towards achievement.


              DAVID KARNSTEDT  - Former   Yahoo! and Adobe S  VP 

              DAVID KARNSTEDT - Former Yahoo! and Adobe SVP 

"Jeremy has emerged stronger from failures in his life and is truly the embodiment of positive energy in everything he does.  In these pages Jeremy will show you how to move forward in business and in life without letting the disappointments get in your way."

    BRAD FELD  -   Entrepreneur, Author, Venture Capitalist at Foundry Group

    BRAD FELD - Entrepreneur, Author, Venture Capitalist at Foundry Group

"Part of what has made Jeremy’s life so remarkable is that he takes on challenges and doesn’t look back. When something doesn’t work out he learns why and uses that knowledge to better himself. His book is the proverbial kick in the ass that most of us need when we start retreating or giving up on a challenge or a goal."

 APOLO OHNO  -   8x Olympic medalist in Speed Skating

 APOLO OHNO - 8x Olympic medalist in Speed Skating

"Jeremy’s super smart and he gets the big picture. He realized that after sports he would need to do something more. He surrounded himself with very strong, very bright individuals who shared their insights, advice, and best practices. He took those lessons and made sure they were transferrable to the stage he was on. To me that was a huge cornerstone for him. Now you too can learn those attributes in this book."